About Pretty Please Design

About Pretty Please Design

{photo by Melody Melikian}


Pretty Please Design is a boutique design studio located in Newport Beach that aims to provide creative direction, pretty inspiration, + à la carte sofreh aghd design. The sofreh aghd is an elaborate + decorative Persian ceremony spread filled with many symbolic items, all in which represent an element of marriage for the bride + groom + their new life together as one. We are proud to be the first shop for à la carte sofreh aghd design in the United States. We created an online storefront in 2012 for those looking to find individual handmade sofreh aghd pieces to complete + compliment their sofreh design.  Pretty Please ceremony spread pretties are made so that all of the details on a sofreh are unified + the aesthetics of the ceremony spread fit cohesively. All of the pretties are hand crafted with utmost attention paid to detail. Pretty Please sofreh pieces are unique in its own + each sofreh pretty is customized to fit each client's needs + inspiration in mind. Alongside clients, we determine what their overall inspiration for decor is + create designs reflective of their taste. While all traditional elements of the sofreh aghd are upheld, we certainly aim to create aesthetics in which are streamlined with the wedding inspiration.

|| ABOUT ME || PARISA KAPREALIAN {Owner, Designer}

My name is Parisa + am the owner of Pretty Please Design. I’m inspired by travel, grace, + all things beautiful + feminine. I am a lover of details, design, {DIY} projects + essentially anything I can prettify. My academic background resulted in a Master of Integrated Marketing Communications but my love for pretty eventually led me to launch Pretty Please Design specializing in styling + designing Persian wedding ceremony pretties + of course prettifying the ordinary one detail at a time. Follow my personal blog for my decor, lifestyle, food, + fashion favorites